Ninetys Station lab FZ LLC is a start-up game development company, based out of Abu Dhabi under Media Zone Authority Abu Dhabi.


A favorite dad quote from our times used to be "I won't give up gaming because I'm old / I'll grow old if I stop gaming!"


That was the time when brothers and lovers were defined by the games they played together.


While the technology has changed three decades later, the energy is well-rooted in our hearts, our spirit is the same.. We believe that this spirit in us must play, must achieve (or restart and achieve :P), must bond with friends, must de-stress.

Our Vision


Once a gamer, always a gamer.


The Ninety's Station Lab was conceptualized over a friendly discussion in 2018. And now was the time for the child in us to grow up and wholeheartedly express this passion to the world.

"The old-school passion for creating games designed for the future".


Founded in one of the best cities across the globe, Abu Dhabi is what we call it home.And from here we attempt to plug your hearts with extreme amusement. Sit, game, love, enjoy :)



Sheikh Zayed Street, Khalifa Park, Landmark: twofour 54,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates [UAE]


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